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Live Wheatgrass

We grow energy-boosting, fresh organic, live Wheatgrass and Barley grass for juicing. They are rich in minerals, enzymes and vitamins and have powerful anti-oxidant properties; they increase energy levels and boost health.



Living Greens

Our Snow Pea Shoots and Sunflower Greens come highly recommended by the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida for use in their health promoting green juices.



Frozen Wheatgrass Juice

Our energy-boosting, fresh organi,c live Wheatgrass is also available already juiced and frozen into convenient ice cube trays.  We will not pretend that it is as good as freshly juiced wheatgrass, frozen can never be as good as fresh but it is still nutritionally rich and far more convenient than having to juice each day.





Grow Your Own

We have everything you need to grow and juice your own living foods.  From Alfalfa seed to Wheat grain, we stock a wide variety of seeds and pulses which are all tested for good germination rates and sprouting safety.  If you're just starting out or looking for a gift for a loved one please check out our kits and books.


I  wanted to let you know how grateful I am to Aconbury Sprouts for the great delivery service you provide along with the high quality "live" foods I order from you on a regular basis. Im so delighted you guys do what you do I would be a bit grumpy without you! I would recommend Aconbury Sprouts to anybody interested and the staff are friendly and helpful and I always get a call back. Thanks so much
Evie - London
I just want to thank the team, Rachel especially, for amazing service with my delivery twice a week. A flexible, caring and proactive approach- I feel they really care about my health and getting things right for me as they go above and beyond.  
THANKYOU so much team- I recommend you to all I know.
Michele - Warrington

Just to let you know how delighted we are with your excellent ‘wheatgrass trays’ and the knowledgeable, efficient service that you provide.  We have used powdered wheatgrass for several years, the difference when juicing ‘living wheatgrass’ is amazing in terms of the boost that it provides!

Thank you for the opportunity to buy great wheatgrass at an affordable price.

Teresa - Bristol


I’ve known about the benefits of wheatgrass for years, but only now I’ve started ordering a ready-grown tray each week and started juicing it daily, have I actually experienced the proof. Baby soft skin which is clear and glowing, bright, shining eyes, shiny hair, not a sniffle, even in the middle of cold season, and, best of all, regular comments of: “I can’t believe how well you look. What’s your secret?” Amazing!

georgemcgina, blogger,


Wheatgrass is referred to by health food experts as a green superfood as it has exceptional nutritional properties.

As fresh wheatgrass is a complete food for many animals, it is no surprise that is packed full of essential nutrients. These include proteins in the form of amino acids, a vast array of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and phytonutrients, ideal for those seeking maximum cell vitality, which is a foundation for good health. Click here for more information.

Sunflower Greens

Sunflower Greens contain the full spectrum of amino acids that are the protein building blocks, with over a quarter by weight of complete protein and without the saturated fats that would come with that protein in lean chicken. They contain plenty of healthy fatty essential acids and their significant phytochemical action helps activate all the cells of the immune system, builds the skeletal, muscular and neurological systems and helps to prevent premature ageing. They are rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and zinc and vitamins A, B, D and E, including vitamin D, and can be considered a complete food. Perhaps this is not surprising when you remember that a single sunflower plant can grow taller than you!

Use plenty of freshly harvested Sunflower Greens in salads and green vegetable juices.

Judy Barber Author of Good Raw Food Recipes

Snow Pea Shoots

Snow Pea Shoots contain the highest concentrations of chlorophyll of any food sprout. This helps purify the liver, builds the blood and helps with digestion. They contain plenty of bioactive lecithin that helps to reduce the plaque inside arteries. With seven times as much vitamin C as blueberries, eight times as much folic acid as Chinese bean sprouts, four times as much vitamin A as tomatoes and plenty of potassium, magnesium, vitamin E and fibre they really are super foods. 

Use plenty of freshly harvested Snow Peas in salads and green vegetable juices. 

Judy Barber Author of Good Raw Food Recipes